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With our small team of fully qualified eye care professionals we take pride in providing the most appropriate individual solution for your vision correction.

We offer a friendly, unhurried professional approach and we are proud of the fact that we are an independent practice offering truly impartial advice.

At Horrocks and Boyd you will be treated as an individual and we are passionate about ensuring you are delighted with your eye care and spectacles. We simply want you to enjoy the best products, advice and care.

Eye Examinations

We believe most people want a friendly professional and caring service where they feel they are not being hurried.

An eye examination normally lasts about 40-45 minutes and takes into consideration your family history, eye health and lifestyle. We have state of the art equipment which we are constantly adding to.

The latest acquisition, which we are delighted with, is an OCT machine which lets us take in depth 3D scans and photographs of your eye. This allows up to pick up some conditions such as macular degeneration much earlier.

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All the latest technology

All The Latest Technology